Curriculum Précis
A highly driven, entrepreneurial-minded Industrial Designer with a strong passion for design coupled with macro direction thinking and the ability to create compelling and innovative solutions.
Solid experience in the creation of innovative designs in forms of sketches, photoshop renderings, and Alias Sketch Models. Technical knowledge of prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly process in automotive, technology, and other industries. History of quickly and efficiently moving through projects while being mindful of marketplace producibility and design achievement. Adaptable with outstanding teamwork and communication skills, able to effectively build relationships and collaborate cross-functionally. 
Metropolitan State University - Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design
-Provost's Honor Roll-
Colorado State University Formula SAE - Motorsports engineering Competition
Front Range CC - Associates of Fine Arts 
Digital Skills
VRED (Introductory)
Sketchbook Pro​​​​​​​
Microsoft Suite
Simplify 3D
Autodesk Slicer
Solidworks (T.A. Teacher)
Fusion 360
Adobe Suite
Autodesk Flow
 Alias Speedforms
Alias (Introductory)
Craft Skills
Advanced Wood Crafting, Advanced Metalworking, Plastics, Composites, Rapid prototyping, Mass Manufacture, Manufacturing Process, Mechanical Design, Automotive Systems Repair
Illumivation - Industrial Designer        2019-2020
At Illumivation I held many responsibilities. I was responsible for accurate bid pricing on projects, the full technical design development of each project, and overseeing the development of the 
project on the floor. I was also responsible for project ideation to the client as well as designing within the production teams means.

Freelance - Design Consulting        2016-2020
 Responsibilities include; team design work, graphic design, 3D design, Engineering, small-batch and one-off manufacturing, prototyping, and research.
Companies include, but not limited to; Lockheed Martin, Hex Head, Turin Bicycles, and many private clients.

Industrial Designers Society Of America    2017-2018
    Treasurer-Rocky Mountain Chapter

Turin Bicycles - Sales/Design     2015-2019
At Turin I regularly interact with customers as well as I have lead a re-branding project, New products, and new retail layout design.

J&M Precision Automotive - AutoTech    2012-2015
At J&M Precision I was a luxury and exotic car repair technician. I was responsible for the diagnosing and repair of luxury and exotic cars with the utmost attention to detail.
First Place - Student Design competition
    One World One Water hosted a rain barrel design competition in light of recent Colorado law changes. The rain barrel challenge was to design and develop the best rain barrel to solve common issues and still keep the cost low and manufacturing process simple.

First Place - Student Group Design
    State funded design build-out competition for the Colorado Convention Center. We were tasked to design a state funded build to promote Colorado and Colorado industry. This was a two month project with a build of a final model and production costs of build-out.

Winning design - International Design Workshop
    I was chosen to be apart of an international exchange design workshop with a group of design students from Dortmund Germany. We were tasked to develop an installation that integrated architectural folding and represented our workshop of which my design was chosen to be built. 

Solidworks Teaching Assistant - MSU Denver 2015-2016
    I was chosen as the top of my class to be the Teaching assistant for the following semesters class. my responsibilities included; designing lectures, designing homework, Structuring lessons for 100% success, and attending extra teaching classes/workshops.

Top Pick - Winning Flat-Pack Design
    My design was picked as one of the top designs for over-all design. I designed a Bicycle fender that could be laser cut out of a sheet and flat packed to the consumer with little to no finishing.
-Entrenapurnal Approche
I was born an entrepreneurial and creative thinker, thanks to my amazing family. They encouraged me to follow my creative endeavors starting at a very young age. When I was in preschool I would create characters and get completely engrossed in them. I would inspire other kids at my school to join in these character acts. When I was a little older, I started building lemonade stands and managed several stands while my friends worked at them. I then expanded my products to cookies and other baked goods.
At age 11 my friend Daniel and I started filming and making movies. We fabricated inventions and contraptions for our movie sets. This led us to create our own company called Mundi Tree Works. We would salvage old piano keys and laser cut them to make and sell sustainably sourced ivory inlaid tiles. In addition, we fabricated goods out of wood and metal and sold these and the inlaid tiles to the community.
Later, during high school, I discovered my passion for cars and motors. I started modifying, buying and selling cars. This led me to motorsports in college.
I also have a background in sales. This has always pushed me to be a good people person. From selling lemonade when I was young to selling bikes at my current job, I can effectively lead and communicate my ideas to others. This progression has led me to my love of cars, technology, and transportation. I am passionate about being on the front lines of the future and pushing transportation to new heights!
-Taking Ownership
During design school, I began working at a local bicycle shop. I started in sales due to my people skills and communication skills. Customers are very comfortable and trusting of me. I always strive to have as much integrity as possible. In the three years, I have worked at the bike shop, I have been able to take on more responsibility and step in for my boss. I have been put in charge of managing employees and projects to keep the shop running smoothly. My boss, Mike, trusts me implicitly because I am reliable and I accomplish tasks to his high level of standards. I am able to efficiently get tasks done while still maintaining high standards. I can think on my feet and react in the best interest of the company. I also stand behind any mistakes made by myself or by a lower level employee in an effort to learn from them and build a better team. Any mistake made by someone around me is on my shoulders as a leader.
-Integrity, Reliability, Affinity to Technology & Luxury
No matter what job I am doing, I feel it is important to be honest and conduct my actions at work as if I own the company. In any interaction with customers, I always try to connect with them so they feel comfortable with me and trust that I have their best interest in mind. In my three years at working at the bike shop, I have consistently had customers return and ask for me by name because I have worked hard to build a good reputation. Clients know that I will be straightforward with them, and if the shop makes a mistake, I will take responsibility and do whatever I need to do in order to solve the problem.
My co-workers and boss also know that I am someone they can rely on. On more than one occasion I have been the first employee called in when we have an issue because they know I am reliable and I will get the job done right. I have also now become the shop adviser when it comes to new technology and emerging products because I am engrossed in design and technology and I enjoy thinking critically about these new products. In addition, I have always loved quality and luxury goods. I have many photo catalogs of luxury themes, luxury goods, what makes a “luxury lifestyle,” and where is it going. I am passionate about the ever-evolving world of luxury brands as well as learning how to stay ahead of the curve.
-Starting & Managing companies / Startups / Student Consulting Teams / Formula SAE Teams
Since a young age, I have been a part of collaborating and building small companies and products. In addition, I have played key roles in student organizations. As mentioned earlier, I have successfully managed and ran my own endeavors such as the company Mundi Tree Works. Through that company, my business partner and I expanded and creates our own films. We even received a grant to make a hip-hop documentary where we interviewed celebrities.
As I got older and my interests evolved into motorsports, I became passionate about building bicycles, go-karts, dirt bikes, and cars. During college, I became a professional auto tech at a luxury import shop. I also joined the Formula SAE team at Colorado State University and was a part of the team for three years. We built and completed three cars.
I then went from mechanical engineering to industrial design at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. I worked hard to be at the top of my class and made friends with similarly driven students. Myself and another student at the top of our class started our own consulting company called DeWenn Design Consulting. During design school, DeWenn Design Consulting worked on projects for companies such as Thule, Lockheed Martin, Hexhead, as well as for private clients. My business partner and I closed DeWenn so we could each concentrate on different industries. I am now focused on pushing the limits with automotive design and future Mobility.
-’Out Of The Box’ Thinking
I have always had an innate ability to problem solve and push myself to think outside of the box. I feel that there is the opportunity for growth the more outside of the box I can think. I then adapt ideas and solutions using the more engineering part of my brain as I have always understood ability and functionality. This way of thinking allows me to create, act and design solutions that push the limits while are still realistic. You must know the rules of the 'box' to know when to break the mold.
-Competitive Nature.
I am competitive in the pursuit of raising the collective ability and level of my peers. I have placed First by myself and in groups in many design competitions at design school. I was at the top of my class my entire time at school and have had projects featured every semester, either on display at school or even being featured on local news channels for a particular project I did for a water conservation design competition. I always share everything I learn with my peers. I believe that the better they are, the more it pushes me to be better as well!
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Chris Lawrence - Vehicle Dynamics engineer
    Schmidt Peterson Indy 500
Mike Martinez - Account Exec. & Head of Business Dev.
    Illumivation Studios

Ted Shin - Department Chair Industrial Design
    Metropolitan State University, Samsung Design
Michael Caston - Professor, Executive Director, Partner
    Innovation and Product Design, Innovation Floor, CAMIC designs LLC
Jarad Arp - Chief Designer, Co-Founder, Fillet7
Doug Golenze - Designer / Partner
    Studio West Concepts LLC
Dave Klein - Professor
    Metropolitan State University
John Wanberg - Professor
    Metropolitan State University
Mike Stejskal - Owner/Manager
    Turin Bicycles
George Peppas - Sales Manager
    Turin Bicycles
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